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Claiming Prize

Whether youve scooped $5 or $5 million, its always nice to be an MGM Vegas winner. Read this page to find out more about claiming your prize.

Always remember that MGM Vegas  prizes expire 90 days after the date of the draw or 90 days after the announced date for the end of a game for scratchcards. You will not be able to claim any prize after this period of time has passed.

Prizes Won from Online Entries

If you played Pools games online and won a prize, then smaller amounts will be paid into your online account. You can then withdraw the money at any time. If you win a larger prize after playing online, your winnings will be posted to your address in the form of a cheque.

  • Prizes Worth $100 or Less - If you win a prize of $100 or less you can redeem it at any MGM retailer in the country. Retailers may also pay out higher prize amounts up to a value of $2,500 at their own discretion.
  • Prizes Worth $14,999 or Less - Players who win a prize worth $14,999 or less can also claim their winnings at dedicated An Post offices.
  • Prizes Worth $15,000 or More - Any prize worth $15,000 or more must be claimed at the MGM headquarters in Vegas.

Claiming Prize

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